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The Christmas market challenge

Christmas is……….. 78 days, 20 hours and 2 minutes away.

78 days seems like a fair while, but as everyone knows, Christmas warps time. It’s a sort of annual vortex which sucks time into an expanding black hole of merriment.

This year I have given myself a Christmas challenge to add to the general feeling of panic and disorientation of the festive season. As if it wasn’t bad enough finding presents for my family and friends and posting them all to England, I will also undertake the production of sell-able items for the Hanoi Craft Club Christmas Market. In fact this plan is rather ingenious as I will be able to post any unsold items to my family who will be none the wiser.

As Christmas markets don’t actually happen on Christmas day, I probably have about 60ish days to get my wares together. I’m planning on choosing three different patterns/designs/items, and going into hard core production of each at 3 week intervals. For the sake of suspense, I call it ‘The Christmas Market Challenge!’

If all goes well, I might go professional and get myself a regular stall at Chau Long market, in between the lady who sells rat traps and the lady who sells semi-stunned frogs. I’m sure crocheted mary-jane slippers and 50’s style retro aprons will fit in a treat.


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