About me

I am an English girl and sporadic crafter, depending on the weather and my mood. I alternate between reading too much, sewing too much and watching too much TV. Now I can probably add reading  and writing blogs to that list.

I am hoping this blog will keep me inspired and enthusiastic to get my projects finished and try new ambitious things. It is one of my dreams to sell something I’ve made to a happy stranger. On a grander scale, I would like to start an urban cream tea shop and craft shop in Bristol. Unfortunately I can’t really bake very well so I am hoping someone else will do it for me.

I live in Hanoi at the moment which is very fun. I have a great yellow motorbike to get around and have learnt how to navigate it through crazy traffic. I haven’t got any plans to move back to England in the near future and I am currently hopping around cities around the world. Last was Budapest, next stop New York.


4 responses to “About me

  1. Erica

    You should set up with Georgia Lewis. She is a great baker and linguistics master.

  2. this may be a little bit out of date

  3. Harriet

    This is all very interesting and right up my street, however busting my party facts leaves me with nothing to say. Please post some true interesting animal facts so I can retain my ‘ultimate party girl’ status.

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