Crochet mary-jane slippers

I have been working on some mary-jane slippers since the weather got cold. I got a pattern from the little house by the sea which was incredibly easy to use after I worked out some alterations for my huge feet.  Now they just need edging with a different colour, but it’s too rainy to go wool shopping today.

I get really cold hands and feet in winter and I can feel them ice-cubing already. These slippers are made out of really soft and warm cotton wool, but to make them a bit warmer I was thinking of lining them and maybe putting some leather soles on so they last longer.  I might go the whole hog and add crochet flowers on the toes, but that might be going too far.



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3 responses to “Crochet mary-jane slippers

  1. Amazing! You’re such a good knitter. You still owe me a scarf (21st birthday present I believe)

  2. You’re such a good knitter! You still owe me a scarf (21st birthday I believe…)

  3. You can never go too far with crochet as far as I am concerned gio fro the flowers ( or fruit I have some lovely patterns if you want )

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